How does it work?

At mSmart we offer a range of online solutions that allows you to select investments and forecast their outcomes against your financial future objectives with greater accuracy.

Our goal is to give you the ability to easily manage your long term financial future in one spot, giving you greater confidence for your future.

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What do we offer?


All age groups

Savings forecasts; Education funding: savings and future spending levels; Retirement spending levels; 'Impact of $10,000 from Super'


25-35 yrs

Choose, transact, monitor shares or ETFs, including market sector, ESG/ climate change portfolios, transactions via brokers.


30-45 yrs

Robo-advice product: choose, analyse, purchase via brokers, monitor and project securities and ETFs. Projects savings goals, non-super.


25-50 yrs

Forecasts residential property values, super and non-super


35-50 yrs

Choose, analyse, transact. Make ongoing 'small' purchases over 12-15 yrs, forecasts tertiary education drawdowns over 4 years.


25-65 yrs

Choose, analyse, purchase via brokers, monitor and project securities and ETFs, forecasts size of fund, (pension) payments


All age groups

LifePlan for users of all ages and incorporates all 6 products above

mSmart offers a suite of "applications" that are designed to increase confidence about investment decisions.

Why choose our product?

mSmart gives you control of savings, education or retirement plans and can be easily adjusted as your needs change.

  • Easy-to-use
  • Data is pre-populated
  • Load your own portfolio of investments
  • Forecast variable outcomes
  • Can be used for any savings plan
  • Provide peace of mind for the future