Mafematica will provide forecasts of retirement income, based on a person of any age, and taking into account various factual information such as size of fund, investments and life insurance and whether it is a one or two person fund.

Actual investments* will be able to be automatically linked to providers, or manually ‘uploaded’ into Mafematica, and assessed for future estimates of value.

It first product shall be Performance Measurement Reports and Retirement Drawdown Reports for SMSFs which will give an estimate of forecast drawdown amounts for SMSFs for the ages 65 to 90.

This diagram demonstrates forecasts of retirement income in today’s dollars, for 25 years from the age 65 to 90 based on the typical asset allocation of an SMSF, with the shares component represented by the Basic Materials sector of the ASX). The Mafematica system will offer the opportunity to test forecast income with different shares portfolios (including a fund’s actual direct holdings of shares, or any one of many other choices we will provide.

Mafematica will also provide a range of ETF’s and managed funds as investment choices.

Current age: 42; retirement drawdown 65 to 90

Mafematica will show the impact of investing in differing asset classes and / or securities.