About Us

Mafematica has a vision to be a next generation financial services investment and investment forecasting tool and will operate with a suite of modules under the mSmart brand.

mSmart will provide a whole-of-life, goals-based projections and investment transactions tool suitable for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) investors, financial planners, accountants, administration professionals and other distributors.

It is in the process of working with an unrivalled group of partners to bring its revolutionary investment solution to market. Underpinned by state-of-the-art technology and algorithms, mSmart will offer advanced investment capabilities to assist consumers and advisors in developing their financial health and wealth.

It aims to provide a competitive offering with a staged build of modules that will walk a first time or experienced investor through a unique set of investment and forecasting modules tailored to the user’s financial situation and interests. Uniquely, it will link investment portfolio transactions to a projection of goals-based outcomes, and utilise the services of accounting software from BGL that will reduce client costs and duplicity in reporting.

We are delighted to partner with BGL, SuperGuide, Benwest as we roll-out our first service. These parties have supported us, with shareholders such as PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and 5 accounting / financial planning firms as we have developed the vision, the algorithm and the technology in a fast-changing financial landscape.


As consumers become more and more reliant on the emergency financial support from governments and their superannuation, better tools to assess the drawing down of super are necessary.

At the same time, the financial planning industry is becoming more and more decimated by government-imposed licencing regulations and higher education standards. The result? - many investors are left stranded without a tool that provides and integrates financial projections, practical advice, investment transactions and forecasting.

At the same time, advisors remaining in the industry need access to a low-cost tool that they can work with clients on no matter whether those clients are first time or experienced investors. Meet mSmart.

The mSmart journey for users:

mSmart brings investments to life: enhancing financial well being and confidence. It is building a series of financial services modules that commence with projections of superannuation savings, and then extends to projections of education funding plans, investment transactions and a complete ‘LifePlan’. It will be suitable for Do-It-Yourself investors, planners, accountants and stockbrokers.

Robo-Advice modules will be built that include investment choices and transaction capabilities, particularly individual shares, and matched to projections.

The services will be available via subscription, and no investment management fees shall be charged.

The journey allows clients to re-assess their investments and projections as circumstances, needs and priorities change. mSmart gives both ‘new’ investors and experienced investors easy access to investment markets and offers explanations and methodology papers to suit people with skills across the investing spectrum.

For new shareholders and clients alike, it provides a recognisable and ‘common-sense’ journey along the pathway to financial health and well-being.

Initial Services

mProjections is a Report that answers the question is: ‘What are the future impacts on our superannuation fortnightly and annual income if we withdraw up to $20,000 from our super now?'

Providing far more than the usual ‘you will lose this much in your superannuation’ – a figure that is often promoted with misleadingly high numbers, we not only provide the impact on fortnightly and annual retirement income, but we provide the chance of earning that income. (chance takes into account the booms and busts of stockmarkets).

Furthermore, with the purchase of the Report, 12 months of future development of the tool will be available, including providing ‘how to increase your super through the choice of investment strategy that a person choses now’ – a tool that is not easily available elsewhere.

Why Choose Mafematica?

Mafematica will utilise a world class, leading stochastic calculator for its forecasts of investment and superannuation outcomes. It will work with asset allocation strategies or individual securities.

Mafematica’s founders have stockbroking, investment management and ‘quant’ backgrounds and their methodologies have strong support from leading actuaries, financial planners, venture capital and global firms as both shareholders and distributors. Mafematica has a unique business model and distribution technique that is providing excitement for distributors and advisors.

By using Mafematica, retail investors and SMSF Trustees will enjoy significantly lower costs, unprecedented control, flexibility, strong financial literacy, choice of investment and brokers.

Mafematica is a business whose business model design is to meet the investment needs of the 1.1 million SMSF trustees and a growing number of other Australians who are looking for ease of access to stockmarkets, transparency, trust and confidence in the outcomes of their investments. Mafematica will offer a high level of educative material about investments, goals and statistically based outcomes – and provide the material to the ‘average person’ in both layman's language and academic standards.

We do NOT do:

BUT we are innovative and visionary.

Mafematica is the future of retirement forecasting and will supersede contemporary methods by making it possible for Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) to purchase a portfolio of shares whilst integrating real-time analysis to provide projections.

Mafematica is a founding resident at Stone and Chalk, Australia’s leading FinTech hub.

It is supported by the NSW Government and a further 25 leading corporate entities.

Stone and Chalk’s overarching objective is to help foster and accelerate the development of world-leading Fintech start-ups. It is a physical “centre of gravity” for the local Fintech eco-system.