About Us

mSmart is a next generation financial services investment platform.

mSmart is a Fintech start up that intends to be the ‘go-to’ web-portal for investment portfolios, transactions and retirement forecasts for Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs).

It intends to position itself at the ethical, high quality end of the market where Trustees and Advisors seek the highest levels of authority, transparency, choice, integrity and simplicity.

For SMSF Trustees and Advisors

mSmart will offer:

  1. A range of investment portfolios, choice, opportunities and transactions capabilities with brokers and fund managers
  2. High speed forecasts of retirement cash flows linked to an individual or fund's actual investments.
  3. A 'new era' open website that is intuitive and easy to use.
  4. High quality financial literacy written from a consumer’s viewpoint
  5. Low costs expected of a digital provider, and
  6. Standard savings based Robo-Advice.

The portfolios will reflect market sectors, themes, and third-party broker’s choices, and be available initially as direct securities and ETFs.

Later, managed funds will be offered.

Why Choose mSmart?

mSmart will utilise a world class, leading stochastic calculator for its forecasts of retirement drawdowns. Most others do not do direct securities (only asset class forecasts).

mSmart’s founders have stockbroking, investment management and ‘quant’ backgrounds and their methodologies have strong support from leading actuaries.

mSmart has a unique business model and distribution technique that is providing excitement for distributors and advisors.

By using mSmart, SMSF Trustees will enjoy significantly lower costs, unprecedented control , flexibility, strong financial literacy, choice of investment and brokers.


mSmart will offer Fintech innovation that will make a difference to the everyday lives of distributors, advisors, stockbrokers, SMSF Accountants and SMSF Funds and consumers.

The company is currently raising capital and completing its product and website build. mSmart’s initial focus is to offer cash-flow forecasts to assist people with Self Managed Superannuation Funds to plan their retirement based on their actual investments, or a choice of other investments. Mafematica is ‘universal’, not being tied to any bank or fund manager, and its methodologies are designed to offer the gold standard in investment planning, implementation and outcomes.

mSmart will develop an amazing website and user experience for investments, analysis, transactions and automation – experiences, information, and transparency that has not been fully developed, ever before.

mSmart is a business that has been designed to meet the investment needs of the one million SMSF trustees and a growing number of other Australians who are looking for transparency, trust and confidence in the outcomes of their investments. Mafematica will offer a high level of educative material about investments, goals and statistically based outcomes – and provide the material to the ‘average person’ in both layman's language and up to academic standards.

Its services will be very low cost: for example its standard service of directly held shares will have no ongoing trail management fees.

Three Key Components

  1. An investment management system delivering:

    a. Choice of investment portfolios - direct shares, ETFs, and Managed Funds
    b. Choice of brokers

  2. A new generation calculator that provides solutions for goal-based investment, including:

    a. Forecasting retirement drawdowns
    b. Education funding plans
    c. Wealth accumulation

  3. Financial literacy through an education and training centre

    mSmart seeks to bring the complex world of investment management into the reach of every day investors.

We do NOT do:

BUT we are innovative and visionary.

mSmart is the future of retirement forecasting and will supersede contemporary methods by making it possible for Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) to purchase a portfolio of shares whilst integrating real-time analysis to forecast individual retirement drawdowns.

‘FinTech’, retirement savings needs, superannuation and financial literacy are now strongly supported by Government. The then Treasurer of Australia, Scott Morrison, on 27 Jan 2017 said “(it) has the potential to offer financial advice to a wider cross-section of the community," to a G20 conference in Germany.

Then Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull publicly identified the SMSF system as a key pillar of the superannuation system in his address to the annual SMSF Conference (15 February 2017).

mSmart is a founding resident at Stone and Chalk, Australia’s leading FinTech hub.

It is supported by the NSW Government and a further 25 leading corporate entities.

Stone and Chalk’s overarching objective is to help foster and accelerate the development of world-leading Fintech start-ups. It is a physical “centre of gravity” for the local Fintech eco-system.