Investment Approach

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Mafematica intends to be the the ‘go-to’ web-portal for investment portfolios, transactions and retirement forecasts for Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs).

It intends to position itself at the ethical, high quality end of the market where Trustees and Advisors seek the highest levels of authority, transparency, choice, integrity and simplicity.

Mafematica will offer:

  1. A range of investment portfolios, choice, opportunities and transactions capabilities with brokers and fund managers
  2. High-speed forecasts of retirement cash flows linked to an individual funds’ actual investments

Our investment philosophy is to offer simplicity, stability, consistency, and ‘true-to-label’ quality investment choices, starting with core portfolios and also offering shares portfolios that reflect market sectors.


We will build and source portfolios with direct securities from our own resources and from external investment banking, brokerage and investment management experts. We will offer managed funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s).


All portfolios will be overlaid with mathematical actuarial analysis to seek ‘true-to-label’ expected performance. We will match all of our portfolios to goal based outcomes such as a retirement drawdown forecasts or education funding plans and we will support all our work with academic rigour, modelling, and educative publications.

We will not offer CFD’s, futures, warrants, currency trading, debentures (unless directly secured), and options.


We will offer a range of investment management techniques for SMSFs to continually update their investment portfolios.

Choices for investments from Mafematica and a range of third party providers.